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#Repost @beatingeatingdisorders ・・・ Important reminder! #edrecovery#ed#recovery#edwarrior#edfighter#edfamily#inpatient#strength##recoverycommunity#eatingdisorders#beated#ana#osfed#anorexia#bulimia#bodyacceptance#depression#quotes#anxiety#awareness#advocacy#bingeeating#orthorexia#fighter#recovered#support#prorecovery#bodypositivity
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#Repost @biggalyoga ・・・ Feeling vulnerable today.. . . Photo by @shooglet 💓
#Repost @chicanachicanohistorians ・・・ Susana Almanza is the Director of Environmental Justice Organization PODER (People Organized in Defense of Earth and her Resources) of Austin, TX. She is a former Brown Beret, founder of La Chicana, and a lifelong activist.
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#Repost @trensitasnppyouthnights ・・・ Hey y'all please support our awesome friend @xochitlximehua as she prepares to recover from a medical procedure. Xochitl was one of our earliest Trensitas supporters, where we held weekly meetings for nearly a year at her pad! She has been extremely supportive and generous with her love and knowledge🌿💕 Please help us reach her goal!!! Link in bio. #SupportWOC
#repost #supportwoc
@crystalsofaltamira is part of our #decolonzing series e-course. Find link in bio. Just like you, Leah Garza is an eternal being of light. She has spent the last two decades in the world of education, and through her own experience as a student, and later as a teacher, she came to understand the ways in which the school system oppresses us, from crushing our spirits to diverting our dreams and tracking us into prison. Leah’s work now is centered on the intersection of healing, social justice, and decolonization. Leah has been giving workshops, classes, meditations, and healing work to help people, especially womxn of color, reconnect to the innate and eternal power of their soul, and take inspired action to create the lives they dream of, from a place of radical love and compassion. She lives in East Hollywood, with her partner, dog and cat.
@mama_maiz is part of our #decolonzing series. Find link in bio. Photo credit @solcollective @huitzitzilin.rosa Blanca Estela Diaz is a sacred element protector, hierberx, traditional birth worker, educator, and the person behind Mama Maiz. After personally healing from trauma caused by abuse, she felt called to hold circles and classes to encourage community to return to the sacred ancestral ways. Blanca works with and alongside QTBIPOC communities and womxn of color. Her work is inspired by the stars, plant ancestors, fungal ancestors, and the fauna nation. She resides in Long Beach, CA and runs Flora Y Tierra with her partner, two cats and her Tortoise.
Our #decolonzing series e-course is still available. Link in bio. @drlauraramirez Laura J. Ramírez is a mother of 2 Chicago Public School students, she was born in Mexico City and raised in Nezahualcoyotl and Little Village from the age of 13.  She holds a doctorate in Educational Policy Studies from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her work to advance a quality public education for all children at the local, national, and international levels spans the gamut of grassroots organizing, policy advocacy, collective responses to injustice, community building and healing, and radical acts of resistance. In 2011, she became part of the 43 day sit-in for a library and fieldhouse, known as “La Casita” in the heart of the Mexican neighborhood of Pilsen in the city of Chicago. She has also helped to build an international network to demand accountability from the Mexican government in the enforced disappearance of the 43 Ayotzinapa students. A Spanish teacher by training, she has taught in Chicago area public schools and she has also worked for over 13 years as a youth worker and human rights enforcer. Through her work, she has shared her knowledge with young people of color and parents and provided tools for them to become advocates for their human rights. Additionally, she helped to pass the Chicago City Council’s ordinance ratifying the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 2009. She has also helped develop socially conscious teachers who are grounded in community understanding through her work as a professor in teacher preparation programs including the Urban Teacher Education Program at the University of Chicago, University of Illinois at Chicago, and Elmhurst College. She is also a writer who focuses on political and cultural critiques. Her philosophy of life goes hand in hand with her belief that in our society it is the duty of all people to demand that their human rights be respected and that it is everyone’s duty to hold their government and institutions accountable for their actions in our communities.
The amazing @lalobalocashares is part of our #decolonzing series e-course. Find e-course on our instagram bio. Here is a little sum sum about La Loba Loca: La Loba Loca is a Queer, Chocolla, Andina, South American migrant, artist, researcher, writer, handpoke tattooist, full spectrum companion/doula, aspiring midwife student, seed-saver, gardener and yerbetera. Loba is currently based in Los Angeles, CA but constantly travels across Turtle Island and Abya Yala to facilitate shares and circles on herbalism, plant relations, social justice, healing justice and autonomous health. In the past years, Loba has been delving on creating educational material and providing consulations/comadreo online to ensure the work is accessible to all. Loba is invested on disseminating information with the hope that self-knowledge and (re)cognition of abuelita knowledge will create a future where we can depend on ourselves and communities. ​
Leah who offers her course on our Decolonizing Series Ecourse is giving her class in person tomorrow. 😃 #Repost @crystalsofaltamira ・・・ Tomorrow! Come through! . Let’s talk about how the dominant power structure separates us from our innate power, and how we can reclaim it! . 7:30pm | $3-5 Eastside Cafe 5469 Huntington Dr. . . . . #decolonize #decolonizeyourintuition #innate #empowered #woc #losangeles #heal
#innate #empowered #woc #heal #decolonizeyourintuition #repost #decolonize #losangeles
#repost #blesssacredindigenousbodies
#Repost @shoplatinx ・・・ 🔋 PONTE LAS PILAS 🔋 pin by @thepinskis. Check out 100s of more Latinx-owned accessory brands in our online marketplace. #LinkInBio #ShopLatinx
#shoplatinx #repost #linkinbio
#Repost @jayfranco007 ・・・ Oh you...and you, and you. I’m starting a new series today, both here and on my blog. Love letters to my body. Here’s the first and newer pieces will be on my site in due time at www.theundesirableproject.com : : : : : : : : : An ode to my Arms You and I have been through a lot, am I right? For most of my life you have been my arch nemesis. More than Justin Timberlake. You’re stubborn, never fitting in jackets the way I want no matter how hard I push. Youre picky, certain T-shirt’s on certain days (you’re such a bitch) And you’re masterful art of finding a way to chase off tank tops leaves me steaming Both literally and figuratively. You’re a bitch and I hate you. Well, I did. You see, for so long you were the thing I couldn’t window dress. Arm spanx don’t exist and a girl is not wearing under armour or any variation of Captain America’s ensemble. The moment for nipping and tucking has passed because I’d rather look at a slideshow of old men in sandals an hour a day for the rest of my life than to I have another surgery. So awhile ago I decided to stop fighting you and start fighting with you. And looking back we’ve had so many winnable moments. You supported me when I did my first set of push ups successfully. You help me receive the comfort I need to move forward sometime. And your openness has inspired me to be conscious and willing in the face of doubt and despair. So where do I get off having such attitude? I write this to apologize for my lack of patience and ill will against you. You’re easy to love and I know that now. We’ve also got a long road ahead of us so guess what, boo. You want a tank top this year, you got it. You want some ink, tell me where. And if you decide you wanna keep dancing after the rest of us has stopped, then you finish your 8 count as you see fit. I got you, Love JayF
#Repost @johannareign ・・・ It’s me - literally. I am crying - literally. I love illustrations so so much- it’s kinda the only way I ever wanna deliver important news. Thank you so much @amigahormiga for making my dreams come true- LA news being posted on @theunapologeticallybrownseries page later today & I can’t wait. I feel like a kid on Christmas or whateva. 😩🤘🏽🦇🌸
#Repost @curanderxsdelsur ・・・ From @barrio_sustainability - Love this story about @sanajaverikadri from @civileats “I can use my business to champion for fellow women of color and queers of color,” she says. “It’s been so wonderful to use the business as a way to collaborate with and hire people that I feel aren’t getting the recognition they deserve.” “With the hope of changing centuries-old trade practices left over from colonial times, Javeri Kadri sources all her turmeric from Kasaraneni Prabhu, and compensates him fairly.” “As the American turmeric craze grew, Javeri Kadri wondered, “Why is turmeric important now, when Gwyneth Paltrow is raving about it? Why was it not important when thousands of Indian immigrants were eating it?” She wanted to know who was benefiting from the spice’s newfound popularity.” https://civileats.com/2018/02/01/a-queer-female-entrepreneur-is-taking-back-turmeric-for-indian-farmers/ #BarrioSustainability #BarrioCampesinos #TierraYLibertad #turmeric #foodjustice #supportfarmers #fairtrade #lgbtq #qtpoc #superfood #foodforthought #ethicaleats #immigrantsrightsarehumanrights #woc #womenownedbusinesses #empowercommunities #bethechange #goldenmilk #queer #queerbusiness #💛 #wheredoesmyfoodcomefrom #cupublichealth #cumailman #columbiauniversity
#cupublichealth #goldenmilk #queerbusiness #💛 #qtpoc #foodjustice #repost #foodforthought #tierraylibertad #fairtrade #supportfarmers #barriosustainability #bethechange #columbiauniversity #wheredoesmyfoodcomefrom #woc #turmeric #immigrantsrightsarehumanrights #empowercommunities #cumailman #barriocampesinos #superfood #ethicaleats #womenownedbusinesses #queer #lgbtq
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