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Do yourself a favor and go follow my guy @zachleach11 . Always dropping 💎’s . . . #Repost @zachleach11 ・・・ @desmith4 #skillbreakdown When a ball handlers body faces a certain way that is not toward the basket, defenders tend to relax because they know the offensive player is not in an attack mode. DSJ takes a poised dribble with his body facing the baseline so his defender relaxes because it doesn’t appear Smith is in a position to attack. What the defender doesn’t realize is by using a hip rotation Smith has easy access to the most deadly stance in basketball, the drop, which opens up his driving angles right and left but chooses the left side because there is no help side along the baseline and flushes it down‼️ #trainimpossible #basketball #skills #training #trainer #terms #knowledge #purpose


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