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aliensatemyhomework AAMH premiere is tonight in Vancouver and it is available on DVD/Digital on March 6th Follow along tonight on @aliensatemyhomeworkmovie Instagram for a livestream/updates... This movie has a super awesome cast and I’m really excited to watch it! @christianconvery @ty.consiglio @carmelaguizzo @jayden greig @lauren mcnamara @seanpquan @actordanpayne @williamshatner I hope the cast all have an awesome night together at the premiere! #aamh #aliensatemyhomework  
Universal releases “Aliens Ate My Homework “ to Netflix and DVD on March.6th. Lauren plays “Elspeth” and was so blessed to be a part of this amazing film. aamh family @universal1440 @roger lay jr @mcnamara6262 @aliensatemyhomeworkmovie #aamh #family  
In the theatre where we watched the Premiere of our movie!! Aliens Ate My Homework! Get your DVD/Digital March 6th! @ty.consiglio @carmelaguizzo @lauren mcnamara @seanpquan AAMH universal1440entertainment @universalentertainment @aliensatemyhomeworkmovie #aamh #universal1440entertainment  
repost @ty.consiglio AAMH premiere! 🚀👽📝 #aamh #repost  
@aliensatemyhomeworkmovie world premiere! AAMH coming March 6 from @universal1440 #aamh  
Good Times at Premiere of Aliens Ate My Homework!! With @lauren mcnamara @ty.consiglio @seanpquan @carmelaguizzo @aliensatemyhomeworkmovie @universalentertainment AAMH universal1440entertainment #aamh #universal1440entertainment  
Enjoying a wonderful dinner before the Screening of Aliens Ate My Homework 📚👽@aliensatemyhomeworkmovie AAMH @universalentertainment celebratorydinner #celebratorydinner #aamh  
When your brother is more excited to see your movie than you are!😂 AAMH @aliensatemyhomeworkmovie #aamh  
Can’t wait to see everyone tonight!!! @lauren mcnamara @jayden greig @carmelaguizzo @ty.consiglio @seanpquan @actordanpayne @kirstenrobek @roger lay jr @mcnamara6262 @aliensatemyhomeworkmovie @universalentertainment AAMH universal1440entertainment #aamh #universal1440entertainment  
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